Relief Veterinarians

The following veterinarians are available for relief work in the Treasure Coast area.
Philip DeFabio, DVM

Phone Number: 305-301-4475
Email Address:

Mike Fry, DVM

Phone Number: 703-400-2711

Megan Petroff, DVM

Phone Number: 954-483-3200
Email Address:

John N Stein, DVM

Phone Number: 772-579-5462
Email Address:

Rich Totilas, DVM

Phone Number:  772-529-3595
Email Address:

Cindy Wasserman, DVM

Phone Number: 973-809-4586
Email Address:

Susan McClure, DVM

Phone Number: 772-519-1310
Email Address:

Michael Ponte DVM PA

Phone Number: 321-508-3879
Email Address:

Mary Danley, DVM

Phone Number: 360-461-7647
Email Address:
*Available for relief services on the Southern Treasure Coast. Medical only.

Judith Oliver, DVM

Phone Number: 772-418-6848
Email Address: